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Chemical Compound Review

Pobilukast     3-[(1S,2R)-2-carboxy-2- hydroxy-1-[2-(8...

Synonyms: CHEMBL22776, SureCN125952, CHEBI:126669, SKF-104353, SKF104353, ...
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High impact information on SKF104353

  • Administration of the specific peptidoleukotriene receptor antagonist SKF104353 to 20 week old MRL-lpr/lpr mice significantly improved both GFR and CPAH, whereas this agent had no effect of renal hemodynamics in MRL(-)+/+ controls [1].
  • Pretreatment with two structurally unrelated LTD4 receptor antagonists, LY171883 and SKF104353 (10 microM), fully prevented the increase in CPP and LVEDP [2].
  • Further, a reduced degree of smooth muscle contraction in the presence of the leukotriene receptor antagonist SKF104353 suggested that this effect was mediated by leukotriene metabolites [3].


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