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Muscle, Smooth

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Disease relevance of Muscle, Smooth


Psychiatry related information on Muscle, Smooth

  • NmU was first isolated based on its ability to contract rat uterine smooth-muscle (hence the suffix "U") and has since been implicated in the regulation of smooth-muscle contraction, blood pressure and local blood flow, ion transport in the gut, stress responses, cancer, gastric acid secretion, pronociception, and feeding behavior [6].
  • 4-Aryl-3-(hydroxyalkyl)quinolin-2-ones: novel maxi-K channel opening relaxants of corporal smooth muscle targeted for erectile dysfunction [7].
  • A recent report has suggested that the interaction between the head and the rod region of smooth muscle myosin at S2 is important for the phosphorylation-mediated regulation of myosin motor activity [Trybus, K. M., Freyzon, Y., Faust, L. Z., and Sweeney, H. L. (1997) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 74, 48-52] [8].
  • The results suggest that both inhibition of water absorption and reduced circular smooth muscle activity may be important factors in castor oil- and magnesium sulfate-induced catharsis [9].
  • 4. In rat tail artery, the effects (dose-response and time-response curves) of cirazoline and TL99 on intracellular Ca2+ levels in freshly dispersed single smooth muscle cells were comparable with those obtained with organ bath studies of ring preparations of artery [10].

High impact information on Muscle, Smooth

  • Regulation of amino acid and glucose transporters in endothelial and smooth muscle cells [11].
  • In view of the importance of NO as a modulator of vascular tone under basal conditions and in disease and chronic inflammation, we critically review the evidence that transport of L-arginine and glucose in endothelial and smooth muscle cells is modulated by bacterial endotoxin, proinflammatory cytokines, and atherogenic lipids [11].
  • TRP-related channel proteins are found in a variety of organisms, tissues, and cell types, including nonexcitable, smooth muscle, and neuronal cells [12].
  • After this, the roles of the extracellular matrix, integrins, and the smooth muscle cytoskeleton are reviewed, with emphasis on short-term signaling mechanisms [13].
  • Two KIR6.x genes and two SUR genes have been identified, and combinations of subunits give rise to KATP channel subtypes found in pancreatic beta-cells, neurons, and cardiac, skeletal, and smooth muscle [14].

Chemical compound and disease context of Muscle, Smooth


Biological context of Muscle, Smooth


Anatomical context of Muscle, Smooth


Associations of Muscle, Smooth with chemical compounds

  • To exclude the possibility that heparin had any direct effect on airway smooth muscle, bronchial provocation with histamine was induced in five subjects on two further days after pretreatment with either heparin or placebo [30].
  • We then studied the smooth-muscle relaxant responses to stimulation by an electrical field and to nitric oxide [31].
  • In seven patients with cough, studies revealed a more severe obstructive pattern that appeared to be the result of increased large-airway resistance, and the patients' response to isoproterenol indicated that contraction of bronchial smooth muscle may have been principally responsible [32].
  • This non-anticoagulant action of heparin is more likely to be related to a modulation of mediator release than to a direct effect on smooth muscle [30].
  • Venous and arterial smooth muscle cells and skin fibroblasts synthesized PGI2 from exogenous arachidonic acid, but they did not synthesize a significant amount of PGI2 when treated with histamine [33].

Gene context of Muscle, Smooth


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Muscle, Smooth


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