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Chemical Compound Review

deuteride     deuterium(-1) anion

Synonyms: AC1OAGLW, CHEBI:29301, D(-), d(+)(e(-))2, (2)H(-), ...
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Disease relevance of deuteride


High impact information on deuteride

  • Therefore, hydride transfer becomes rate-limiting at pH extremes but is not limiting at neutral pH, although deuteride transfer is significantly limiting at all pH values [2].
  • These same reactions were studied by preparing the corresponding metal deuteride complexes, Tp'Rh(L)(R)D, and the scrambling of the deuterium label into the alpha- and omega-positions of the alkyl group monitored by (2)H NMR spectroscopy [3].
  • In a comparative study with LC-MS, using deuterated and non-deuterated NAD(P)H, we found a positive mass-shift of 1Da in the N-denitrohydrogenated product suggesting the involvement of a deuteride (D(-)) transfer from NAD(P)D [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of deuteride


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