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Chemical Compound Review

SureCN95324     1-[4-(2,5-dioxopyrrol-1- yl)phenyl]pyrrole...

Synonyms: CHEMBL576594, P23989_ALDRICH, AG-E-98394, AG-J-58149, ACMC-209hvr, ...
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High impact information on NSC 81257

  • In the present study, we tested this prediction by using either unmodified S-1 or S-1 chemically modified with N,N'-p-phenylenedimaleimide (pPDM X S-1) so that functionally it acts like S-1.ATP, although it does not hydrolyze ATP [1].
  • Using the pyrene-labeled Mg forms of yeast and muscle actins, we demonstrate that under low ionic strength conditions, P.IB causes formation of filamentous actin assemblies, although they, unlike F-actin, cannot be internally cross-linked with N,N'-4-phenylenedimaleimide (PDM) [2].
  • Rate constants for the reactions of Cys-697 and Cys-707 of skeletal muscle myosin subfragment 1 (S1) with N,N'-p-phenylenedimaleimide (pPDM) and its monofunctional analog phenylmaleimide (PM) were measured for S1 and S1 bound to nucleotides and/or actin [3].
  • NANDP was trapped in nearly stoichiometric amounts at the active site by cross-linking SH1 and SH2 with N,N'-p-phenylenedimaleimide (pPDM) or by chelation with cobalt (III) phenanthroline [Wells, J., & Yount, R. (1979) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 76, 4966] [4].
  • The effect of N,N'-p-phenylenedimaleimide (PMD) on deoxygenation-induced K loss in sickle erythrocytes [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NSC 81257


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