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Gene Review

let-99  -  Protein LET-99

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on let-99

  • In let-99 one-cell embryos, the nuclear-centrosome complex exhibits a hyperactive oscillation that is dynein dependent, instead of the normal anteriorly directed migration and rotation of the nuclear-centrosome complex [1].
  • Furthermore, at anaphase in let-99 embryos the spindle poles do not show the characteristic asymmetric movements typical of wild type animals [1].
  • The accumulation of actin and actin capping protein, which marks the site involved in nuclear rotation in 2-cell wild-type embryos, is abnormal but is not reversed in let-99 mutant embryos [2].
  • The distributions of several asymmetrically localized proteins, including P granules and PAR-3, are normal in early let-99 embryos, but are perturbed by the abnormal cell division orientations at second cleavage [2].
  • Based on these data, we conclude that let-99(+) is required for the proper orientation of spindles after the establishment of polarity, and we postulate that let-99(+) plays a role in interactions between the astral microtubules and the cortical cytoskeleton [2].


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