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Gene Review

NOTO  -  notochord homeobox

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Homeobox protein notochord
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Disease relevance of NOTO

  • The main type of lens opacity was nuclear in the Singapore group and cortical in the Noto and Icelandic groups [1].

High impact information on NOTO

  • The (228)Ra/(226)Ra ratio of coastal water from all sites around Noto Peninsula shows seasonal variation, with minimum values during summer ((228)Ra/(226)Ra=0.7) and maximum values during autumn-winter ((228)Ra/(226)Ra=1.7-2) [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NOTO

  • In this study, low-background gamma-spectrometry was used to determine the (228)Ra/(226)Ra ratio of 131 coastal water samples from various environments around Honshu Island, Japan (mainly around Noto Peninsula) at 1-3 month intervals from April 2003 until September 2005 [2].
  • Ultrasonography showed a left renal mass and the patient was referred to Noto General Hospital for urological evaluation [3].


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