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Spectrometry, Gamma

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High impact information on Spectrometry, Gamma


Associations of Spectrometry, Gamma with chemical compounds

  • Results obtained with ICP-MS, alpha- and gamma-spectrometry showed differences in the migration properties of spent uranium, plutonium, and americium [6].
  • Natural thorium (232-Th) has traditionally been measured by radiometric techniques such as alpha and gamma spectrometry [7].
  • A working analytical procedure for selenium determinations by INAA, using gamma spectrometry with a germanium well-type detector, is presented [8].
  • The fecal monitoring technique for measuring the absorption of Zn, Mn, Se, and Fe was studied in eight male piglets (mean +/- SEM birthweight (bw) = 1695 +/- 50 g) using high resolution gamma spectrometry [9].
  • A neutron activation and gamma spectrometry study about the effect of sodium sulfide on the corrosion of spherical amalgam [10].

Gene context of Spectrometry, Gamma

  • In situ gamma-spectrometry several years after deposition of radiocesium. Part I. Approximation of depth distributions by the Lorentz function [11].
  • Soil samples from 18 stations were collected from depth intervals of 0-5, 5-10, and 10-25 cm and analyzed for their 226Ra, 232Th, and 40K activity concentrations by gamma spectrometry employing a 90 cc PGT HpGe detector coupled to an EG&G ORTEC 8K multichannel analyzer [12].
  • In the German radon reference chamber at the PTB, radon and its progenies are measured with different systems for alpha- and gamma-spectrometry with the full set of environmental parameters, e.g. temperature, humidity and aerosol concentration being controlled [13].
  • For better characterisation of a site the external kerma was determined by means of G-M and TLD techniques as well as the activity kept in the septic tank was measured by gamma spectrometry [14].
  • The radionuclide ratios, determined after gamma-spectrometry, were in good agreement with the theoretical calculations for the radionuclide-composition of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant at the moment of the accident and the measured hot particles in soil in the early years after the accident [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Spectrometry, Gamma


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