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Gene Review

nuc  -  pseudo

Escherichia coli

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Disease relevance of nuc

  • When inserted into a derivative of plasmid pBR322, the nuc gene is expressed in Escherichia coli at a low level, and nuclease activity in individual colonies is readily assayed by a replica-plating chromogenic test [1].

High impact information on nuc

  • Surprisingly, four regions of sequence similarity that occur once in nuc and o338, appear twice in all other homologues, indicating that the latter molecules are bi-lobed, having evolved from an ancestor or ancestors that underwent a gene duplication and fusion event [2].
  • The primary structure of each of the isoforms isolated from the nuclease preparations was established by comparing their mass with the known amino acid sequence derived from the nucleotide sequence of the nuc gene [3].

Biological context of nuc

  • A set of plasmids with BamHI-linker "bracketed" deletions spanning the nuc gene can be used to map mutations genetically to defined segments of the gene [1].


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