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Gene Review

MAGEB1  -  melanoma antigen family B, 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CT3.1, Cancer/testis antigen 3.1, DAM10, DSS-AHC critical interval MAGE superfamily 10, MAGE-B1 antigen, ...
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High impact information on MAGEB1

  • MAGE-Xp is expressed only in testis and, unlike the Xq27-qter MAGE genes, it is not expressed in any of 12 different tumor tissues tested [1].
  • We have mapped and sequenced cDNA and genomic clones corresponding to this gene, MAGE-Xp, and shown that the last exon contains the open reading frame and is present in a minimum of five copies in a 30-kb interval [1].
  • MAGE-Xp is located in the 160-kb critical interval defined for the locus involved in sex determination within Xp21 and is 50 kb distal to the DAX-1 gene, which is responsible for X-chromosome-linked adrenal hypoplasia congenita [1].
  • DAM10 and DAM6, expressed in adult testis and lung tumors [2].


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