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Gene Review

BMP2K  -  BMP2 inducible kinase

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: BIKE, BIKe, BMP-2-inducible protein kinase, DKFZp434K0614, HRIHFB2017
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High impact information on BMP2K

  • The BIKe nuclear localization signal is able to direct green fluorescent protein to the nucleus in transfected COS-7 cells [1].
  • Ten competitive male cyclists completed a Wingate Bike Test (WIN), a 30-min self-paced cycling performance bout (END), and a constant load, supramaximal cycling spring (SPN) to fatigue following 5 d of oral supplementation (5,000 with inosine and placebo [2].
  • Changes in BMP2K and PRMT3 were confirmed at mRNA and protein levels, in vitro and in vivo [3].


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