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Gene Review

RAP1GDS1  -  RAP1, GTP-GDP dissociation stimulator 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Exchange factor smgGDS, GDS1, Rap1 GTPase-GDP dissociation stimulator 1, SMG GDS protein, SMG P21 stimulatory GDP/GTP exchange protein, ...
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Disease relevance of RAP1GDS1


High impact information on RAP1GDS1

  • This joins the FG repeat-rich region of NUP98 to RAP1GDS1, which largely consists of tandem armadillo repeats [1].
  • The (4;11)(q21;p15) translocation fuses the NUP98 and RAP1GDS1 genes and is recurrent in T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia [1].
  • RAP1GDS1 codes for smgGDS, a ubiquitously expressed guanine nucleotide exchange factor that stimulates the conversion of the inactive GDP-bound form of several ras family small GTPases to the active GTP-bound form [1].

Biological context of RAP1GDS1


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