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Gene Review

VPS37B  -  vacuolar protein sorting 37 homolog B (S....

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: ESCRT-I complex subunit VPS37B, FLJ12750, Vacuolar protein sorting-associated protein 37B, hVps37B
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Disease relevance of VPS37B

  • 4) Finally, VPS37B could recruit TSG101/ESCRT-I activity and thereby rescue the budding of both mutant Gag particles and HIV-1 viruses lacking native late domains [1].
  • Depletion of VPS37C from cells does not inhibit murine leukemia virus budding, which is not mediated by ESCRT-I, however, if murine leukemia virus budding is engineered to be ESCRT-I-dependent, then it is inhibited by VPS37C depletion, and this inhibition is accentuated if VPS37B is simultaneously depleted [2].

High impact information on VPS37B

  • 3) Like TGS101, VPS37B became trapped on aberrant endosomal compartments in the presence of VPS4A proteins lacking ATPase activity [1].

Physical interactions of VPS37B

  • 1) TSG101 bound to several different sites on VPS37B, including a putative coiled-coil region and a PTAP motif [1].


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