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Gene Review

PALB2  -  partner and localizer of BRCA2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FANCN, FLJ21816, PNCA3, Partner and localizer of BRCA2
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Disease relevance of PALB2


Physical interactions of PALB2

  • Although damage-induced RAD51 foci formation and mitomycin C sensitivity appeared normal in MRG15-binding defective PALB2 mutants, these cells exhibited a significant increase in gene conversion rates [2].
  • This stimulation occurs through reinforcing biochemical mechanisms, as PALB2 alleviates inhibition by RPA and stabilizes the RAD51 filament [3].

Other interactions of PALB2

  • This stimulation stems from the ability of PALB2 to function with RAD51 and RAD51AP1 to assemble the synaptic complex [4].


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