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Gene Review

PER1  -  Per1p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: COS16, Protein PER1, Protein processing in the ER protein 1, YCR044C, YCR44C
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High impact information on PER1

  • In strains having one class of mutations (per1), ammonia inactivation of the PUT4 and GAP1 permeases did not occur, whereas glutamate and glutamine inactivation did [1].
  • Epistasis studies show that these suppressors require functional Smf1p to alleviate the cdc1(Ts) growth defect, whereas Smf1p is dispensable for cdc1(Ts) suppression by a mutation (cos16/per1) that does not influence intracellular Mn(2+) levels [2].
  • BACKGROUND: The Arnt3 (also termed as BMAL1 or MOP3)/Clock heterodimer is a positive regulator of circadian rhythm and activates the transcription of target genes such as per1 and vasopressin [3].


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