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Gene Review

D1Mit17  -  DNA segment, Chr 1, Massachusetts...

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Tgfbkm2, Tgfbm2
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High impact information on Tgfbm2

  • Tgfb1(-/-) survival to birth (STB), in addition to dependence on embryonic Tgfbkm2 genotype, also depends on maternal effects [1].
  • Experiments involving a congenic strain (B6.D2-Mtv7(a)/Ty) enabled more precise mapping of the chromosome 1 QTL and indicate that it lies in the genetic interval between markers D1Mit145 and D1Mit17 [2].
  • We have mapped Tlr5 to distal chromosome 1 using the (C57BL/6J x Mus spretus) x C57BL/6J Jackson BSB panel as well as a (C57BL/6J x MOLF/Ei)F(2) panel with the following position: D1Mit112-8.0 cM-Tlr5-9.6 cM-D1Mit17 [3].


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