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Gene Review

CNM67  -  Cnm67p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Chaotic nuclear migration protein 67, N1264, YNL225C
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High impact information on CNM67

  • Interestingly, a cdc5Delta bfa1Delta swe1Delta triple mutant is viable but grows slowly, whereas cdc5Delta cells bearing both CDC5DeltaC-CNM67 and CDC5DeltaC-CDC12 grow well with only a mild cell cycle delay [1].
  • Characterization of a viable, SPB-localizing, CDC5DeltaC-CNM67 mutant revealed that it is defective in timely degradation of Swe1p, a negative regulator of Cdc28p [1].
  • Spc110 traverses the central plaque and Cnm67 spans the IL2 layer [2].
  • Mutation of CNM67, encoding a known component of the mitotic outer plaque, also results in a meiotic outer plaque defect but does not block membrane formation, suggesting that Spo21p may play a direct role in initiating membrane formation [3].
  • We conclude that Cnm67p is the protein that connects the outer plaque to the central plaque embedded in the nuclear envelope, adjusting the space between them by the length of its coiled-coil [4].

Biological context of CNM67

  • Although CNM67 is not strictly required for mitosis, it is essential for sporulation [5].

Anatomical context of CNM67


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CNM67


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