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Microscopy, Video

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  • Intravital time-lapse videomicroscopy was used to analyze migration velocity of the activated PMNs, and the modulatory influence on locomotion of locally administered antibodies or peptides recognizing various integrin molecules was examined [26].
  • To determine if these cells are contractile, cultured rat RMIC were exposed to endothelin-1 (ET-1), a potent vasoconstrictor which binds to RMIC, and examined using video microscopy [27].
  • SMC migration speed, quantified by digital time-lapse video microscopy, was significantly and reversibly reduced by EDHB and DHP [28].
  • However, video microscopy showed cell surface ruffling in wortmannin-treated cells, and increased ruffling after addition of M-CSF or phorbol myristate acetate [29].
  • To substantiate our hypothesis that the embryos are dying of cardiac pump failure, we have used digital bright-field and fluorescent video microscopy and in vivo microinjection of fluorescein-labeled albumin to analyze cardiac function [30].

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