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Gene Review

rseA  -  anti-sigma factor

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK2570, JW2556, mclA, yfiJ
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Disease relevance of rseA

  • Elevation of active sigma(E) levels in Escherichia coli by either repressing the expression of rseA encoding an anti-sigma(E) factor or cloning rpoE in a multicopy plasmid, led to a large decrease in the number of dead cells and the accumulation of cellular proteins in the medium in the stationary phase [1].

High impact information on rseA

  • Comparison of the transcriptome of an hfq mutant with that of an rseA mutant, which also overexpresses sigma(E), revealed that sigma(E) controls approximately half the genes found to be upregulated in the hfq mutant [2].
  • The second gene of this operon, rseA, encodes an anti-sigma(E) activity [3].
  • A 4,901-bp region of the DNA plasmid of E. coli LR05 was sequenced revealing that the microcin L cluster consists of four genes, mclC, mclI, mclA, and mclB [4].


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