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Gene Review

fhuA  -  ferrichrome outer membrane transporter

Escherichia coli O157:H7 str. EDL933

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Disease relevance of fhuA

  • The plasmid construct (pGR1), designed to express fhuA under the lac promoter of E. coli, complemented E. coli MB97 DeltafhuA mutant for ferri-ferrichrome utilization and also allowed Rhizobium spp [1].
  • Proteins encoded by the subcloned DNA fragments were identified by [35S]methionine labeling of maxicells of E. coli CSR603, which contained recombinant plasmids; only one polypeptide chain, the presumptive fhuA gene product, was detected [2].

High impact information on fhuA

  • We cloned the fhuA gene into plasmid p343, a high-copy-number cosmid derived from pBR322 [2].
  • The rhizobial transformants expressing fhuA showed growth stimulation when co-inoculated with Ustilago maydis, a fungal species known to produce ferrichrome under iron starved conditions [1].


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