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Gene Review

UBAP2L  -  ubiquitin associated protein 2-like

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: KIAA0144, NICE-4, NICE4, Protein NICE-4, Ubiquitin-associated protein 2-like
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High impact information on UBAP2L

  • Patients enrolled in the NICE-4 trial received enoxaparin as a 0.75-mg/kg intravenous bolus followed by abciximab as a 0.25-mg/kg bolus and a 0.125-mcg/kg/min 12-hour infusion [1].
  • Patients in NICE 1 were administered enoxaparin 1.0 mg/kg intravenously (without abciximab) and those enrolled in NICE 4 were administered a reduced dose (0.75 mg/kg) of enoxaparin in combination with standard-dose abciximab intravenously during PCI [2].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of UBAP2L

  • Since algorithms for integrating these pharmacotherapies have not been determined, patients undergoing elective PCI were enrolled into 2 distinct and separate studies conducted by the National Investigators Collaborating on Enoxaparin (NICE) study groups (NICE 1 and NICE 4 studies) [2].


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