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Dangerous Behavior

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High impact information on Dangerous Behavior

  • In contrast, only 16% received a stat on-site psychiatric consultation (although dangerous behaviors are common in alcoholics) [1].
  • The jurisprudence generated by the Victorian Supreme Court constitutes Australia's most developed law in relation to prediction of dangerousness [2].
  • The likelihood of involuntary return was increased by a psychotic diagnosis and the seriousness of initial clinical presentations on the TRIAD dangerousness criterion measure [3].
  • Adolescents' misperceptions of the dangerousness of acetaminophen in overdose [4].
  • The expectancy bias model of selective associations: the relationship of judgements of CS dangerousness, CS-UCS similarity and prior fear to a priori and a posteriori covariation assessments [5].

Associations of Dangerous Behavior with chemical compounds

  • In the meantime, the research to date on clinical assessments of dangerousness cannot properly be taken to conflict with the Supreme Court's recent affirmations of the admissibility of such assessments in courtroom proceedings [6].


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