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Hand Strength

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Disease relevance of Hand Strength

  • The HAI (measure of open hand span minus closed hand span/lateral height of hand) was determined in 30 patients with scleroderma and compared with hand deformity (as assessed by two independent rheumatologists) and with the Health Assessment Questionnaire (mHAQ), hand strength and prehensile gripability data [1].

High impact information on Hand Strength

  • The Smith Hand Function Test bore a relation to age, coordination and hand strength but not to the degree of OA [2].
  • The patients with full hand strength recovery and the normal controls were also tested by means of the 9-hole peg test.RESULTS: Motor threshold (MT), MEP amplitude and central motor conduction time (CMCT) of the affected side were significantly different from those of the normal side and of the control subjects [3].
  • The HAI correlated significantly with measures of global functional impairment (as measured by the mHAQ) r=-0.46, P=0.01, hand strength r=0.51, P=0.0001 and prehensile gripability, r=-0.37, P=0.05 but neither with disease duration r=-0.16, P=NS nor age at disease onset r=0.20, P=NS [1].
  • The clinical symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome were relieved and hand strength and finger motion were improved in all patients [4].
  • RESULTS: Men poisoned with OP insecticides had persistent reduced hand strength [5].


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