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Hand Deformities

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Disease relevance of Hand Deformities


High impact information on Hand Deformities

  • Hand deformities resembling those of rheumatoid arthritis have been depicted in a painting by an anonymous artist of the Flemish-Dutch School, mid-15th to early 16th century [5].
  • We noted hand deformities characteristic of inflammatory arthritis in Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot's Gipsy Girl With Mandolin (1870 to 1875), National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC [6].
  • Antibodies to U1 RNP correlated with hand deformity, while severity of radiological damage related mainly to disease duration [7].
  • In contrast, only 4 of 16 (25%) SLE patients without hand deformities, matched for age and duration of the disease, showed similar joint deformities of the feet [8].
  • Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome as well as claw hand deformities were common in all of the patients [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Hand Deformities


Anatomical context of Hand Deformities


Gene context of Hand Deformities

  • Measurement of the HAI in scleroderma provides a reliable and objective measure reflecting variable degrees of hand deformity and functional impairment and might provide a valid clinical outcome measure in patients with this disabling disorder [3].


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