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Psychiatry related information on Machiavellianism

  • The results of the categorical approach, regarding differences in the Kiddie Mach and Self-efficacy scales between bullies, victims and bully/victims, suggest that bully/victims are a distinct group in terms of Lack of Faith in Human Nature and overall Machiavellianism [1].

High impact information on Machiavellianism

  • The marker tests included the Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, Cattell's 16 Personality Factor Questionnaire, the Hakstian-Cattell Comprehensive Ability Battery, and measures of authoritarian personality traits, obsessionality, and Machiavellianism [2].
  • Predicted negative correlations were found between Role Taking Task scores and externality and machiavellianism for females, but not for males [3].

Gene context of Machiavellianism

  • Machiavellianism: dimensionality of the Mach IV and its relation to self-monitoring in a Spanish sample [4].


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