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High impact information on Instinct

  • DBA/2J and C57BL/6J mice were injected with nicotine, and tested in a Y water maze in two procedures: the L procedure, coresponding to innate behavior, in which the animals must swim towards the light, and the D procedure, corresponding to the acquisition of a new pattern of behavior, in which they must swim toward the dark [1].
  • Both epilepsy and sleep can lead to a temporary loss of control of neomammalian cortex that facilitates through a common platform (arousal) the emergences of stereotyped inborn fixed action patterns [2].
  • Avoidance behavior appears to be an innate behavior of mosquitoes, as indicated by the general avoidance response detected in all 4 species, regardless of deltamethrin susceptibility status, age, or nutritional and physiological status [3].


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