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Race Relations

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High impact information on Race Relations

  • Changing patterns in American race relations allowed the patient, Walter Clement Noel, to study dentistry in Chicago. He continued to receive care from Irons for 2 1/2 years, then returned to Grenada to practice dentistry [1].
  • Treatments with MK801 in combination with NMDA resulted in a desegregation of eye-specific stripes, whereas treatments with MK801 or NMDA alone did not [2].
  • White participants in this study completed the Implicit Association Test (IAT) as a measure of racial bias and then discussed race relations with either a White or a Black partner [3].
  • This article reviews 4 distinct U.S. Supreme Court eras of racial decisions: the segregation, preparatory, desegregation, and resegregation eras [4].
  • NHS to come under race relations act [5].

Gene context of Race Relations


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