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Contig Mapping

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High impact information on Contig Mapping

  • The framework map will provide the basis for the detailed physical YAC clone contig mapping of this region, and facilitate the identification and characterization of the Sai1 locus [1].
  • The hDGK epsilon gene was then localized to one of the YAC clones containing a STS marker for the RP17 locus by YAC contig mapping [2].
  • As part of a physical and genetic study of this genomic region, we constructed a 1.5-Mb YAC contig mapping to 10q25 that contains MXI1 and ADRA2A as well as a number of STSs [3].
  • This contig mapping provides the basis for cloning of this interval and for isolation of the NPH1 gene [4].
  • In the program, PCAP, we provide a methodology for choosing synthetic oligonucleotide probes to be used in contig mapping experiments [5].

Biological context of Contig Mapping


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