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Disease relevance of Tymoviridae

  • BmMLV RNA potentially encodes two proteins, putative RNA replicase and coat protein, which share structural features and sequence similarities with those of a plant RNA virus, the genus Maculavirus [1].
  • Phylogenetic analysis of the viral replicase and coat protein genes showed that GFkV is related to members of the Tymovirus and Marafivirus genera [2].

High impact information on Tymoviridae

  • The 3' ends of GAMaV (1852 nt) and of GR8-19 (1791 nt) resembled that of marafiviruses, as both encoded a single putative polyprotein containing the conserved "marafibox" sequence and lacked the stop codon between the replicase and coat protein genes [3].


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