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Disease relevance of Tymovirus


High impact information on Tymovirus


Chemical compound and disease context of Tymovirus


Biological context of Tymovirus


Gene context of Tymovirus

  • The ELV VP is larger than the VPs of other tymoviruses because it has, unexpectedly, 11 more amino acid residues at its N terminus [18].
  • The RP sequences are similar to those of other tymoviruses (48-60% identity) whereas the coat proteins (CP) and the overlapping proteins (OP) are conserved to a lesser extent (30-50% and 26-34% respectively) [19].
  • ATPase, GTPase, and RNA binding activities associated with the 206-kilodalton protein of turnip yellow mosaic virus [20].
  • Specific valylation of turnip yellow mosaic virus RNA by wheat germ valyl-tRNA synthetase determined by three anticodon loop nucleotides [21].
  • The tRNA-like structure (TLS) of turnip yellow mosaic virus (TYMV) RNA was previously shown to be efficiently charged by yeast valyl-tRNA synthetase (ValRS) [22].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tymovirus


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