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T-Lymphocyte Subsets

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High impact information on T-Lymphocyte Subsets

  • Using the appropriate kinetic parameters, we have also shown difference in T-cell-subsets (CD4, CD8) precursor frequencies and cytokine secretion in response to different antigenic sources [1].
  • The role of effector T cells was investigated by comparing results before and after removal of CD3 positive cells, and CD4 positive and CD8 positive T cell-subsets by antibody and complement cytolysis from responder populations [2].
  • Transferrin levels, total and subset T lymphocyte counts were done in 426 apparently healthy subjects genotyped for HFE [3].
  • The scans were correlated with the clinical diagnosis, T-lymphocyte-subset percentages, and p24-antigen levels [4].


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