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Oedipus Complex

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Psychiatry related information on Oedipus Complex

  • Both Blos' (1974) ideas on the negative Oedipus complex and Kohut's (1966) ideas on the developmental line of narcissism prove to be useful ways of linking the clinical picture of paranoia to the psychic structure of the ego-ideal [1].

High impact information on Oedipus Complex

  • This type of guilt feeling is quite different from the guilt feeling as a fear of punishment which Freud embodied in his theory of the Oedipus complex [2].
  • Jung was able to offer important scientific verifications of a number of psychoanalytic notions via the Word Association Test, such as the concept of repression, of the complex, including the Oedipus complex, and the proof of the existence of the unconscious [3].
  • The Adam and Eve story as exemplar of an early-life variant of the oedipus complex [4].
  • In this chapter we consider the cross-cultural relevance of the Oedipus complex by investigating three "oedipal" myths from three disparate cultures: Chinese, Indian, and European. Although all three myths concern the same mother-father-son triad, they stress different aspects and proscriptions [5].
  • Homosexuality in women is a defence acting in two directions: against going backwards (out of fear of psychical fragmentation) and against going forwards (and working through the Oedipus complex) [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of Oedipus Complex

  • Among psychoanalysts of all colorations respecting their Freudian orthodoxy, there is a special mystique and nostalgia around the Oedipus complex and paramountcy of the father in a child's mental life; but Otto Rank took a militant, yet reasoned, stand against such patriarchal biases [7].


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