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Registering coronal histological 2-D sections of a rat brain with coronal sections of a 3-D brain atlas using geometric curve invariants and B-spline representation.

A new approach is proposed for registering a set of histological coronal two-dimensional images of a rat brain sectional material with coronal sections of a three-dimensional brain atlas, an intrinsic step and a significant challenge to current efforts in brain mapping and multimodal fusion of experimental data. The alignment problem is based on matching external contours of the brain sections, and operates in the presence of tissue distortion and tears which are routinely encountered, and possible scale, rotation, and shear changes (the affine and weak perspective groups). It is based on a novel set of local absolute affine invariants derived from the set of ordered inflection points on the external contour represented by a cubic B-spline curve. The inflection points are local intrinsic geometric features, which are preserved under both the affine and the weak perspective transformations. The invariants are constructed from the sequence of area patches bounded by the contour and the line connecting two consecutive inflection points, and hence do make direct use of the area (volume) invariance property associated with the affine transformation. These local absolute invariants are very well suited to handle the tissue distortion and tears (occlusion problem).[1]


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