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Brain Mapping

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Disease relevance of Brain Mapping


Psychiatry related information on Brain Mapping


High impact information on Brain Mapping

  • The spatiotemporal evolution of the P300 waveform was topographically mapped in a group of ten male chronic schizophrenics, using the technique of brain electrical activity mapping [9].
  • Functional brain mapping based on changes in local cerebral blood flow (lCBF) or glucose utilization (lCMR(glc)) induced by functional activation is generally carried out in animals under anesthesia, usually alpha-chloralose because of its lesser effects on cardiovascular, respiratory, and reflex functions [10].
  • Human brain mapping in dystonia reveals both endophenotypic traits and adaptive reorganization [11].
  • Extraction of clinical information from electroencephalographic background activity: the combined use of brain electrical activity mapping and intravenous sodium thiopental [12].
  • The result of our study has clinical implications when MEG and fMRI localizations are used for pre- and intraoperative brain mapping [13].

Chemical compound and disease context of Brain Mapping


Biological context of Brain Mapping


Anatomical context of Brain Mapping

  • We found that 2-deoxyglucose brain mapping causes a progressive expansion of cortical representation of the spared vibrissae [19].
  • The present study systematically and quantitatively analyzed the immunohistochemical distribution of various substances involved in synthesis, binding, and transport of dopamine in the forebrain of epileptic mice (EL mouse strain) using a brain mapping analyzer [20].

Associations of Brain Mapping with chemical compounds


Gene context of Brain Mapping

  • The high specific activity one-step radiolabeling preparation and high selectivity of [(123)I]ZIENT for SERT support its candidacy as a radioligand for mapping brain SERT sites [26].
  • The effect of the extracellular matrix recognition molecule tenascin-C on cerebral plasticity induced by vibrissectomy was investigated with 2-deoxyglucose (2DG) brain mapping in tenascin-C-deficient mice [27].
  • These results indicate that [18F]FECNT is a radioligand that is superior to 11C-WIN 35,428, [11C]CIT/RTI-55, [18F]beta-CIT-FP, and [18F]FPCT for mapping brain DAT in humans using PET [28].
  • Brain mapping techniques suggest that working memory, as measured by an A-X Continuous Performance Task, is important in ADHD [29].
  • Measurement of relative cerebral blood flow (CBF) with 15O-labeled water PET has been widely used for brain mapping experiments on language functions in normal volunteers and patients with epilepsy [30].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Brain Mapping


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