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Full-length cDNA of human cathepsin F predicts the presence of a cystatin domain at the N-terminus of the cysteine protease zymogen.

A novel human cDNA encoding a cysteine protease of the papain family named cathepsin F is reported. The mature part of the predicted protease precursor displays between 26% and 42% identity to other human cysteine proteases while the proregion is unique by means of length and sequence. The very long proregion of the cathepsin F precursor (251 amino acid residues) can be divided into three regions: a C-terminal domain similar to the pro-segment of cathepsin L-like enzymes, a 50 residue flexible linker peptide, and an N-terminal domain predicted to adopt a cystatin-like fold. Cathepsin F would therefore be the first cysteine protease zymogen containing a cystatin-like domain.[1]


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