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Influence of hypercholesterolemia and endothelin-3 pre-treatment on the effects of shear forces on platelet aggregation and cyclic GMP content.

Shear forces induce platelet aggregation and stimulate the endothelial production of anti-aggregatory factors. Among them, endothelin-3 (ET-3) has been reported to reduce aggregation and to increase platelet cyclic GMP (cGMP) content. Since hypercholesterolemia modifies both platelet aggregability and endothelial function, we compared in 14 hypercholesterolemic and 15 normocholesterolemic subjects the influences of shear forces (240 and 650 s(-1)) on platelet aggregation and cGMP content, and their modulation by ET-3. Spontaneous maximal aggregation occurred earlier and at a greater extent in hypercholesterolemic than in normocholesterolemic subjects (63+/-2 vs 46+/-6% P < 0.01). Pre-treatment with ET-3 abolished the shear-induced facilitation of maximal aggregation in platelets of normocholesterolemic (from 70+/-2 to 52+2% at 240 s(-1) and from 73+/-1 to 59+/-2S at 650s(-1); P < 0.05) and hypercholesterolemic (from 78+/-3 to 64+/-2 at 240 s(-1) and from 78+/-2 to 66+/-3 at 650 s(-1); P < 0.05) subjects. cGMP content did not significantly differ between normocholesterolemic and hypercholesterolemic subjects (6.1+/-0.5 vs 6.9+/-0.7 pmol/10(9) platelets). It was reduced in platelets submitted to shear forces (P < 0.05). This shear-dependent reduction was suppressed by ET-3 pre-treatment. These results demonstrate that shear forces enhance platelet aggregation and diminish their cGMP content. ET-3 reduces the pro-aggregating effects of shear, suggesting a rise in cGMP content as a dynamic associated mechanism.[1]


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