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Glucocorticoid inhibition of human SP-A1 promoter activity in NCI-H441 cells.

Glucocorticoids have complex effects on human surfactant protein (SP) SP-A1 and SP-A2 gene expression that occur at both transcriptional and post-transcriptional levels. In the lung adenocarcinoma cell line NCI-H441, dexamethasone causes a dose-dependent decrease in total SP-A mRNA levels and inhibits SP-A gene transcription. In this study, a deletional analysis of the SP-A1 promoter was performed in order to identify cis-acting elements that mediate dexamethasone responsiveness in NCI-H441 cells. The region -32/+63 relative to the start of SP-A1 transcription mediated both basal promoter activity and dexamethasone repression of transcription. Removal of the region +18/+63 abolished dexamethasone responsiveness, indicating that sequences within this region are necessary for the inhibitory effect. Furthermore, the region -32/+63 formed a sequence-specific DNA-protein complex with NCI-H441 nuclear extract. This DNA-protein complex was induced by dexamethasone exposure and its formation was mediated partially by sequences within the region +26/+63.[1]


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