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Mouse NKR-P1B, a novel NK1.1 antigen with inhibitory function.

The mouse NK1.1 Ag originally defined as NK cell receptor (NKR)-P1C (CD161) mediates NK cell activation. Here, we show that another member of the mouse CD161 family, NKR-P1B, represents a novel NK1.1 Ag. In contrast to NKR-P1C, which functions as an activating receptor, NKR-P1B inhibits NK cell activation. Association of NKR-P1B with Src homology 2-containing protein tyrosine phosphatase-1 provides a molecular mechanism for this inhibition. The existence of these two NK1.1 Ags with opposite functions suggests a potential role for NKR-P1 molecules, such as those of the Ly-49 gene family, in regulating NK cell function.[1]


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