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The future of Medicare policy reform: priorities for research and demonstrations.

The Medicare program, the largest health insurance program in the United States, is clearly at a crossroads as it enters its third decade. Historical increases in health care expenditures, plus a changing political and economic landscape, have set the groundwork for policy reform. Basic reform strategies, most notably reimbursement arrangements, are discussed. In 1983, Congress enacted the prospective payment system ( PPS), which initiated a fundamental change in the way hospitals are paid for care delivered to Medicare beneficiaries. But PPS is only a steppingstone to broader reforms such as capitation and evolving organizational models in the delivery of care. Policymakers' considerations of coverage of services, such as long-term care and organ transplants, are also discussed. Within the context of these policy reforms, the authors shape an agenda for research and demonstrations--the blueprint for taking us from "here to there."[1]


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