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  • In a second series of experiments, addition of lazaroids to dissociated mesencephalic graft tissue increased the yield of surviving rat dopamine neurons 2.6-fold after implantation in the dopamine-denervated rat striatum [29].
  • We hypothesized that the antioxidant bucillamine, a potent sulfhydryl donor, would protect against I/R injury in high-risk organ transplants [30].
  • They contained striatum-like patches with neurons expressing many of the neurochemicals characteristic of striatum (ACh, ChAT, calbindin-D28KD, met-enkephalin, and dopamine- and adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate-regulated phosphoprotein-32,000 or DARPP-32), and these patches were surrounded by graft tissue expressing few of these striatal markers [31].
  • When routes of cell transplant and treatment were different, no therapeutic advantage of DNM:DNA over DNM was seen [32].
  • The preclinical and clinical characterization of Brequinar sodium has demonstrated the potential for the use of this drug as a component of a polytherapeutic treatment strategy to prevent the rejection of organ grafts [33].

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