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OP18/stathmin binds near the C-terminus of tubulin and facilitates GTP binding.

It is has been previously suggested that the protein Op18/stathmin may interact with tubulin via the alpha-tubulin subunit [Larsson, N., Marklund, U., Melander Gradin, H., Brattsand, G. & Gullberg, M. (1997) Mol. Cell. Biol. 17, 5530-5539]. In this study we have used limited proteolysis and cross-linking analysis to localize further the stathmin- binding site on alpha-tubulin. Our results indicate that such a binding site is in a region close to the C-terminus of the molecule comprising residues 307 to the subtilisin-cleavage site on the alpha-tubulin subunit. Based on a recent model of the structure of tubulin [Nogales, E., Wolf, S.G. & Dowing, D.H. (1998) Nature (London) 391, 199-203], we found that this region contained the same areas that may be involved in longitudinal contacts of alpha-tubulin subunits within the microtubule. We also observed that the binding of stathmin to tubulin can modulate the binding of GTP to tubulin, as a consequence of a conformational change in the beta-tubulin subunit that occurs upon interaction of stathmin with tubulin.[1]


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