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Late diastolic tumor "plop" in an asymptomatic case of right atrial myxoma.

Myxomas of the right atrium are rare tumors of the heart. They have been almost always described as symptomatic tumors. Auscultation and phonocardiography have been revealed tumor "plop" ( P) as an early diastolic phenomenon, but the late "plop" has not be described. The aim of the case report is to present late diastolic tumor "plop" in an asymptomatic case of right atrial myxoma. A thirty year old man without any subjective symptoms was admitted to the clinic because of a murmur found during a routine examination when applying for a new job. Two dimensional echocardiography showed slightly enlarged right atrium with a myxoma in it. M-mode echocardiogram taken from parasternal short axis plane revealed a wide cluster of echoes in the right atrium moving into the right ventricle inflow tract in diastole. Simultaneous phonocardiogram showed splitting of the first sound (0.06 sec.). The tumor "plop" occurred in late diastole, 0.22 seconds after the second sound (S2) and coincided with maximum tumor protrusion into the right ventricle. After successful operation of the tumor without catheterisation, echophonocardiographic finding has become quite normal.[1]


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