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Transcription elongation factor hSPT5 stimulates mRNA capping.

RNA polymerase II nascent transcripts are capped during pausing before elongation. Here we report that hSPT5, the human homolog of yeast elongation factor SPT5, interacts directly with the capping enzyme. hSPT5 stimulated capping enzyme guanylylation and mRNA capping by severalfold. Although RNA 5'-triphosphatase activity was unaffected, binding to this domain in the full-length enzyme is likely involved in the stimulation, as hSPT5 did not increase the activity of the guanylyltransferase fragment. Consistent with capping enzyme binding, TFIIH-phosphorylated CTD stimulated guanylylation, and this increase was not additive with hSPT5.[1]


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