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Uteroglobin is essential in preventing immunoglobulin A nephropathy in mice.

The molecular mechanism(s) of immunoglobulin A (IgA) nephropathy, the most common primary renal glomerular disease worldwide, is unknown. Its pathologic features include hematuria, high levels of circulating IgA- fibronectin ( Fn) complexes, and glomerular deposition of IgA, complement C3, Fn and collagen. We report here that two independent mouse models (gene knockout and antisense transgenic), both manifesting deficiency of an anti-inflammatory protein, uteroglobin (UG), develop almost all of the pathologic features of human IgA nephropathy. We further demonstrate that Fn-UG heteromerization, reported to prevent abnormal glomerular deposition of Fn and collagen, also abrogates both the formation of IgA- Fn complexes and their binding to glomerular cells. Moreover, UG prevents glomerular accumulation of exogenous IgA in UG-null mice. These results define an essential role for UG in preventing mouse IgA nephropathy and warrant further studies to determine if a similar mechanism(s) underlies the human disease.[1]


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