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Gene assignment in the spider monkey (Ateles paniscus chamek--APC): APE-MYH7 to 2q; AR- GLA- F8C to the X chromosome.

Comparative gene assignment between the spider monkey species Ateles paniscus chamek (APC) and man (HSA) showed conserved syntenic associations despite extensive karyotypic rearrangement between species. Two HSA 14q genes were allocated to APC 2q, being syntenic to other HSA 14q and HSA 15q markers previously assigned to APC 2q, and to HSA 12q genes previously assigned to APC 2p. These findings were consistent with A. geoffroyi chromosome painting with human whole-chromosome probes, indicating that the genus Ateles is karyotypically very rearranged. On the other hand, three human X-linked markers were assigned to the Ateles X chromosome, indicating that this chromosome is evolutionary stable.[1]


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