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PAX3 gene structure, alternative splicing and evolution.

PAX3 is a member of the paired box family of transcription factors that function during embryogenesis and cancer epigenesis. Mutations in PAX3 cause Waardenburg syndrome (types 1 and 3), Craniofacial-deafness-hand syndrome and alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma in humans and the Splotch phenotype in mice. In this study, we describe the genomic structure of PAX3, including novel coding sequences and the complete 3' UTR. Alternative transcripts of PAX3 were identified in various tissues, including human adult skeletal muscle and mouse embryos. One of the novel alternative transcripts is evolutionarily conserved in quail and can transactivate a reporter construct containing the mouse c-met promoter. The sequences and alternative transcripts reported herein extend our understanding of the function and evolution of PAX3 in vertebrates and enable a comprehensive mutation screen for individuals with Waardenburg syndrome.[1]


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