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Increased telomerase activity and decreased telomere length in genital condylomata acuminata.

Our objective was to find a possible correlation between telomerase activity, mean telomere length and human papillomavirus (HPV) presence and type in genital condylomata acuminata. Fifteen biopsies from women with genital condylomata acuminata and nine control tissue samples were tested for telomerase activity, mean telomere length, and HPV presence and type. All condylomata exhibited telomerase activity, compared to 78% of the control samples. The mean telomere length of condylomata was significantly (P<0.002) shorter compared to telomere length in control tissue samples. All condylomata lesions were infected with HPV types 6/11, and more than half had additional infection with HPV 16/18. Mixed HPV 6/11 with 16/18 infection correlated with shorter telomeres than presence of HPV 6/11 alone in the lesions (4.68 +/- 0.44 kb vs 4.97 +/- 0.57 kb). None of the control tissue samples showed presence of HPV DNA. Telomerase activity may be a marker of proliferation rather than malignancy, whereas the mean telomere length could better serve as a marker for the progression of HPV lesions toward malignancy.[1]


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