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Genetic analysis of the role of the drosophila fat facets gene in the ubiquitin pathway.

The Drosophila fat facets gene encodes a deubiquitinating enzyme required during eye development to limit the number of photoreceptors in each facet to eight. Ubiquitin is a small polypeptide that targets proteins for degradation by the proteasome. Deubiquitinating enzymes cleave ubiquitin-protein bonds. In order to investigate the role of FAT FACETS in the ubiquitin pathway, genetic interactions between fat facets and the Drosophila UbcD1 gene were assessed. In addition, three yeast deubiquitinating enzyme genes were tested for their ability to substitute for fat facets in the developing Drosophila eye and for their effects on eye morphology. The results of these experiments support the hypothesis that FAT FACETS activity antagonizes that of the proteolytic machinery. The implications of these results for the specificity of FAF and yeast UBPs are discussed as well.[1]


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