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Heterogeneous nuclear RNA-ribonucleoprotein F binds to DNA via an oligo(dG)-motif and is associated with RNA polymerase II.

BACKGROUND: The heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein F (hnRNP-F) is one of the constituents of the splicing-related hnRNP complex. Recent studies suggest that pre-mRNA modification and splicing factors are associated with transcriptional initiation factors and RNA polymerase II (RNA pol II) at a promoter, implying that pre-mRNA-engaged factors might be associated with a promoter. RESULTS: We isolated a cDNA of rat hnRNP-F and expressed the recombinant protein. HnRNP-F selectively bound to oligo(dG) in constructions with other oligohomonucleotides. The ssDNA of an SV40 promoter sequence having the GC-boxes was bound to hnRNP-F, while hnRNP-F bound to the (G/C)-stretch as dsDNA. Consequently, hnRNP-F was designated as an oligo(dG)-binding protein. None of the RNA-binding domains (RBDs) in hnRNP-F were critical for the oligo(dG)-binding. In contrast, the GY-rich region that exists between RBD-II and -III exhibited an oligo(dG)-binding ability. We suggest that the GY-rich region is a novel DNA-binding motif. HnRNP-F was shown to contain two types of binding motifs for RNA and DNA. Additionally, we found that hnRNP-F was co-precipitated with RNA pol II. Interestingly, the RNA pol II holoenzyme also contained hnRNP-F. The tissue distribution profile of hnRNP-F was similar to that of both RNA pol II and TBP. CONCLUSION: The above results suggest that hnRNP-F is associated with a transcriptional initiation apparatus that includes RNA pol II. The DNA-binding ability of hnRNP-F might facilitate the entry of pre-mRNA modification/splicing factors at a promoter.[1]


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