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A new group of potent inducers of differentiation in murine erythroleukemia cells.

This report identifies a group of compounds, polymethylene bisacetamides (acetylated diamines), which are potent inducers of erythroid differentiation in murine erythroleukemia cells. A known inducing agent, N-methylacetamide, was dimerized through varying numbers of methylenes in an attempt to increase the local effective concentration at adjacent target sites. The simple dimer was no more effective than N-methylacetamide alone; introduction of five to eight methylenes between acetamide groups substantially increased the effectiveness of these compounds. The hexamethylene bisacetamide was active between 0.5 mM and 5 mM; the percentage of cells induced and the rate at which they were recruited to differentiation was dependent upon the concentration of inducer within this range. At 5 mM hexamethylene bisacetamide essentially the entire population (greater than 99%) was induced to a pathway of erythroid differentiation which was greater differentiation of the cultured cells than with any inducer yet tested.[1]


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