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Cells, Cultured

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  • This receptor, called scavenger receptor class B type I (SR-BI), is a fatty acylated glycoprotein that can cluster in caveolae-like domains on the surfaces of cultured cells [9].
  • Overexpression of JMJD2A but not a catalytically inactive mutant reduced H3-K9/K36 trimethylation levels in cultured cells [10].
  • Expression of mutant HSPB8 in cultured cells promoted formation of intracellular aggregates [11].
  • Furthermore, SSH and the hSSHs dephosphorylated P cofilin in cultured cells and in cell-free assays [12].
  • UCH-L1, especially those variants linked to higher susceptibility to PD, causes the accumulation of alpha-synuclein in cultured cells, an effect that cannot be explained by its recognized hydrolase activity [13].

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